Friday, February 22, 2013

Assignment #1: Student & Structure of Drama

FIRST: Read pages 1 through 45 in the classroom textbook “The Stage and the School” by Ommanney and Schanker.   Chapter One (2-28) deals with “The Student of Drama” and includes an overview of the theater student’s relationship to the course.  Chapter Two (29-45) deals with “The Structure of Drama” and includes the way in which the production is laid out in a script format. 

Take notes on your reading as you may use them for your blog comment and for the unit test.

NEXT: Based upon your reading make a one paragraph comment for each chapter question below (two paragraphs minimum total):

  • Based upon Chapter One: If a student really wants to take this course seriously, what are the necessary requirements for a theatre student to be successful and learn?  Be specific and use references from the chapter, not from personal knowledge or experience.
  • Based upon Chapter Two:  Compare and contrast a “play” and a “novel?”   be specific to the structures of each as explained in this chapter.  Finally, what do you prefer in a play: an emphasis on plot, character, or situation?  Why?  Be specific and give examples when possible.
FINALLY:  In order to receive full credit for the blog assignment, respond with at least two sentences to another student’s blog comment.

This assignment is due by no later than 9 AM on Wednesday, February 27, 2013.