Friday, March 15, 2013

Play Critique #1

Write a critique of at least a two act play. The play can not be one read for any other class at Central High School.

Paragraph #1: Combine answers to make complete sentences.

1.       What was the title of the play? (All play titles should be in italics or underlined.)

2.       Who was the playwright of the play? (Full Name)

3.       When was the play written or videotaped (Check the copyright date and publishing history page at the front of the play or on the video) OR when was it performed if in person?

4.       By whom (which publishing company) was this version of the play published or who produced the play (name the producer) if you watched it on video or in person?

5.       How many pages are in this written version of the play OR how long did the play run if you watched it on video or in person?

6.       Tell how many acts there are and what type of play it is: musical, farce, fantasy, tragedy, comedy, drama.

Paragraph #2:

7.       Who was the protagonist (the central character who the play was most about BUT not always the “good” guy)? What were his/her most admirable traits? What obstacles was he/she faced with? How did he/she overcome them? If a “viewed” production, tell whether the actors portrayed the protagonist character convincingly (believably).  Consider the voice, diction, gestures, movements, reactions, mood, and spontaneity of the actor.

8.       Who was the antagonist (the person who caused the central conflict in the play)? How did this character cause conflict for the protagonist? If a “viewed” production, tell whether the actors portrayed the protagonist character convincingly (believably).  Consider the voice, diction, gestures, movements, reactions, mood, and spontaneity of the actor.

Paragraph #3:

9.       Write a one paragraph summary of the play’s plot. Your summary should include a little bit about all the parts of the play, including the ending. Do not just write about the first act and then write, “...and if you want to know how it ends, you’ll have to see it yourself!”  Be complete.

Paragraph #4

10.   Write a one-paragraph review of the play. Explain the best and worst qualities of the play and the production if it was viewed. Why did you like it or dislike it? What sort of a person would enjoy this play? You may even create a “rating” scale and give it a rating if you want.

FINALLY:  For full credit, you must write a 2-3 sentence response to another student's critque.

This is due by Thursday, March 21, 2013.



  1. The play that I have chosen to read was called “A Fairy Tale Adventure.” The playwright is Sophia Holder and I do not know when it was published because there is not copy right date given. The publishing Company is Lazy Bee Script. The play is 62 pages or one hour and 5 minutes long when performed and is fantasy that has 30-32 characters in its cast.

    The protagonist in this play would have to be Hansel. He is the protagonist because the story revolves around him finding the good fairy and saving her from the evil witch. He is after all the smartest person in the land and that’s why he is the only guy for the job. Some of the obstacles that he must face in this story are getting past the witches evil servants, helping the other fairy tale characters along the way and helping his sister Gretel get over her jealousy of him and he a better brother to her.

    The antagonist in this play was the Evil witch. Her main goal for the play is to get the good fairy out of story land so there will be no more happy endings. Along the way she makes every known fairy tale character like the ugly duckling and little red riding hood have the worst days of their lives and only can Hansel can save them all from her evil doing.

    (Summary) In fairy land the evil witch has grown sick of just spending every day stealing sweets from the children of the forest and seeing everyone have a happy ending. So she goes out and steals the fairy queen, who they think is the only one who can save them from the witch’s evil powers. But they were wrong. Hansel, the smartest one in all the land has been chosen to save the good fairy and stop the evil witch before she takes over all of fairy land. Before Hansel can get to the queen though, he must help some other known fairy tale characters who are having bad days due to the evil witch’s spell. After helping all the characters and solving his own problems with his sister Gretel he finds and saves the queen from the witch so they can snack on her candy house forever and forever live happily ever after.

    (Review) The play “A Fairy Tale Adventure” is very cute and nice in its own ways. It is of course a kid’s story so it makes for a great production for the whole family to see. It could have been better put together I personally think. Some parts are so childish that it was not funny and other parts I found to adult for kids to get. There also was not a lot of humor in this play. Some childish parts could get a laugh out of kid but nothing more than that. I do think it’s worth seeing as a great experience with your children but it only get 3 out of 5 stars from me.

    1. You gave a lot of information on your play, and it sounds like something that I would love to read and perhaps perform. I like your opinion in your review because it is an honest one. Most people tend so say things they don't mean when reviewing things, either because of peer pressure or simply because they don't feel like putting work into their review. You did quite the opposite. You took your time on your review and put your honest opinion. You also provided a good amount of information as I said earlier. So, great job! :)

  2. The play I have chosen is called Rehearsal For Murder, by D.D Brooke. It is based on the Teleplay By Richard Levinson and William Link. There is no copyright date, but this play was published by The Dramatic Publishing Company. This is a full length, 2 act play that consists of 81 pages of mystery and wonder. The storyline is of the mystery genre, because it is a murder mystery.

    The protagonist of this story is Alex Dennison. He is a playwright that is engaged to an actress in one of his plays. His admirable traits include writing plays, being a stand up man, and keeping his cool. He has a good amount of confidence. He is faced with obstacles such as calming his fiancee Monica Wells before the show, keeping the producer calm, and running the show he wrote. He later gives himself the responsibility of finding Monica's murderer after he finds evidence that her suicide was indeed not a suicide.

    The Antagonist is Frank Heller. He is the perpetrator behind the murder of Monica Wells, and the reading of Alex Dennison's new play one year later is a plan to smoke him out and get him to admit he was the murderer because Alex had his suspicions. Alex got the entire group of people from the show one year prior to come and fake this play reading because Dennison wanted justice for his fiancee.

    I really enjoyed reading this play. There were points in it that I was on the edge of my chair waiting for the worst to happen. There are points where I got lost and confused, because of the basic organization of the play. I however, did figure everything out in the end. The best part was how the author amplified Alex's pain because he was the part of Jessica (Monica) in the play he wrote. He was so in pain over her death that he didn't give up and because of that he caught a murderer. I believe the play shows every inch of Alex's personality and that's what makes it great because it goes so in depth with his character. The parts I believe to be the worst were when the characters were reading the play, because I got a little confused on what was reality and what was the play. In the end like I said previously, I figured it all out, but it was a bit difficult to keep up. I loved this play, and it would be a play I would love to perform because of the utter mystery of it. I love to keep people on their toes when I perform, and this play is a great way to do it.

  3. All reports above have been graded. No new comments (reports) or responses may be added for credit. To turn-in a late assignment, see Mr. Dawursk.